Organic ingredients

CIVU Kombucha is made from ecologically clean ingredients and fully complies with the Organic & Raw category

Tea mushroom

Cane sugar

Tea brewing

Natural bubbles

Low calorie

Founded in 2020

Various tastes

We use only natural herbs and ingredients in CIVU kombucha. Discover your favorite tastes in a wide variety of flavors!

Ginger with lime

Green tea kombucha with ginger and lime flavors will give you a boost of energy, while the bright and rich citrus taste makes the drink even more refreshing.

Green tea & camomile

Delicate notes of chamomile give your drink a pleasant and soft taste. Thanks to the beneficial properties of plants, the drink relieves fatigue, accumulated during the day, calms and relaxes in the evening.

Green tea & lemon

The traditional kombucha recipe reveals a great combination of green tea and juicy lemon. Light and refreshing lemon flavor emphasizes the natural taste of kombucha.

Green tea & nettle

Kombucha based on green tea and nettle is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It has a mild flavor with a rich grassy taste.


Real taste of homemade product

CIVU Kombucha is a drink that offers benefits for health and an incredible variety of flavors. The CIVU Kombucha factory is located in Radnice city, Pilsen region, Czech Republic. We make kombucha according to an ancient recipe, so our product offers the true homemade taste of kombucha brew. We use natural and organic ingredients such as cane sugar, tea leaves, water and kombucha extract for the drink production. The key beneficial elements of the drink are probiotics and prebiotics, which have a positive effect on the digestion processes and vital functions of the whole body. With every sip of CIVU Kombucha you quench your thirst, as well as get a lot of useful substances and a surge of energy. Natural herbs and additional ingredients enrich the brew with a tannic, flavory aftertaste, complement the beneficial properties of kombucha and have a positive effect on the vital processes of the whole body. CIVU Kombucha meets the strictest quality standards and is certified as an organic product according to European and American standards; it also has a Kosher food certificate.

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